April 7, 2011

A QuickShareIt Goodbye: 2006-2011

We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of a great product: QuickShareIt

Sadly, today we are officially pulling the plug on QuickShareit. As of today new file uploads will be denied and existing files will be slowly purged from our systems as we shut them down in the next 30 days.

QuickShareIt started out as a project in 2006 to solve a trivial problem: Uploading Screenshots Quickly. It was brought into this world as an Mac OS X Automator workflow and evolved into a fully functioning OS X application shortly after. Once you started using QSI, you couldn’t live without it. We loved it and we made thousands of fans very quickly (especially in Germany…who knew!).

Ultimately, the high costs of managing such a service and the lack of resources dedicated to developing the application to it’s fullest potential are what brought us to today. Other services like “CloudApp" have become very stable and feature rich and QSI simply can not compete. The void that QSI once filled is now overflowing with great options!

Make no mistake: Our main goal at enormego is to build quality products; however, if we cannot give a product the respect and attention it needs, we’re unable to do that and we’d rather not have a product die a slow and painful death (we’re not heartless!).

Thank you to our fans and users and be sure to look to enormego for other great things in the future!

UPDATE 4/11/11: The great guys at CloudApp got in touch with us earlier today and let us know that any QSI users looking to move to CloudApp can use the coupon code “QUICKSHAREIT” to save 10% on any order. It’s a great deal so be sure to jump on it! 

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